Crash entering zone

I have a save that is bout a month old with daily play. The game locks when I travel North. Always at the same spot. In a vehicle or not. I assume there is something corrupt in that zone/chunk. Anything to do for it other than exporting my character to a new world?

You could delete the map data for that region, and it would be recreated when you went there again.

Use a marker to write a unique phrase on an item and save, then search the save folder to figure out what map file that item’s in. On Linux that’s:
grep -l "unique phrase" save/WorldName/maps/*/*

If you’re on windows you’ll need some tool that can search files for a string.
It’ll find it in something like “maps/0.0.0/” That’s the X,Y,Z for your current region, then square. Delete the ones where the second number is lower, and you’ll remove the stuff to the north. So you could delete 25.22.0 and onward to just clear a few squares, or you could wipe the whole 0.-1.0 folder if the bad spot’s in there somewhere.

There’s also the chance that you’ll get a read error or something when trying to search the files, and that’ll tell you where the problem is, too.

Thank you. That is a much more cogent response than I expected. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Edit: Well, after a lot of experimentation, I think I know what it is. Deleting all the map files at and around the problem area doesn’t solve the problem. There is a bee hive in an office tower with a master and a ton of zombies. No matter what I do it crashes when I come close enough to that building. I have tried killing all the monster in debug and deleting those maps, I’m not sure how the terrain or map editor functions in debug work. So I can’t erase that building. But, for now, I will just avoid it.

Thanks again for the help. It has been educational. Oh and “findstr” is the grep equivalent.

I had a similar issue, and it turned out to be caused by an update to the game code between version and an interaction with one of the mods that adds overland specials (I suspected it was either Cata++ or PK’s because it was a sewage treatment plant in my case). I gave up messing with it and updated the game 2 days later and the issue had resolved itself.

Edit: in your case it sounds like Urban Development is the conflicting issue.

Thanks. That may very well be the issue. I’ll try updating.