Getting water with only a plastic bag and some string. + a new way to purify!

Hello survivalists!

I have a new idea for procuring water in-game its simple, and requires only a plastic bag, and string.

Plants give off moisture, and you can capture that moisture with sunlight, and oh… 4-6 hours

a example would be here:

I’m thinking of attaching said plastic bag to say shrubbery in forests, then opposed to funnels it captures water when its sunny, and it would hold maybe two servings.
I could see this as a early game alternative for finding water that easy to make, but not very fast, but works in a pinch.

also, did you know mint water plants can be used to purify? its true check it out!


its not perfect purifier, but it could make the river water safer from making you sick in-game wise like rain water, or something.

what do you all think

I thought of that plastic bag + string trick some time ago, too. Not sure if I’d allow it to be applied on shrubbery. That seems exploit-ish, since shrubs are everywhere. Or we might need to create two different types of shrubbery - heavy and light. In that case, heavy shrub would be fine, and it should be found mostly in forest. Alternatively, introduce bushes. Non-coniferous trees would be great, too. Fruit trees might need rework then, since we have to think about the compatibility between fruit harvesting and water collection. Also, how many plastic bags at most should be allowed to be put on a single tree or a shrub? Valid weather conditions for water collection would have to be considered, too. I have no idea how much plants release water vapor at +1C. Would outside humidity have to be considered, too? Each plastic bag should come with a hidden timer, to count received weather conditions for each bag. That is all inside the reality bubble.

Or perhaps all the fancy weather details could be abandoned and instead use seasonal averages, during daytime on each day.

Or simply go like
Summer: 1 serving of (clean?) water, per 4 hours (14400 seconds), per bag, contain max 2 servings per bag, only between 0600-2200hrs, disregarding weather
Spring & fall: same as above, but only between 0600-1800hrs
Winter: nothing

Would it be simple to pause the accumulation (timer)?

Let’s see if I can sum up the required weather conditions anyway… The set bag must spend 14400 seconds

  • During spring, summer, or fall
  • At +10C or above
  • In sunny or clear weather
  • Between 0600-2200hrs (1800hrs for spring and fall)

If any of the conditions fail, the timer is stopped, halting water accumulation.

Just a draft. And sheesh that’s a lot of thought. I’m not a programmer but on some days I can work out the logic to some extent. :expressionless: