Changing the default houses in a mod


I am still working on my total conversion mod. I want to change ALL the default houses that spawn in the city, but I am not sure about how to proceed. I have already made several .jsons with the houses, but I am not sure about how to integrate them into the overmap. Should I make a .json with the same name of the default houses and put it into the mod directory? I have thought about putting a “om_terrain” : [“house”], line in all the .jsons, but I am not sure if the overmap will integrate them and how to overwrite the default housing.

Good evening, Cagone.

If the houses in your json files have [“house”] as as “om_terrain”, they will spawn in the game.
A complete problem will be: not all houses in the game are spawned via json files - some are created through c++ functions.
So even if you delete all json-files with “om_terrain” : [“house”] in the mapgen folder, this auto-generated houses will occur - iinm.



ok, thanks