Getting Newest Version to Work

Ok so here’s the thing, i use cygwin to play, which means that the only way i can do so is if i pull the source code from gith, the thing is the gith release is the one that updates frequently and thus not the “stable” one, i confirmed this by “testing” the windows version first and trying to eat batteries with the battery system bionics and it works flawlessly, but the version i pull with cygwin from clever raven does not allow me to do this, i’m guessin it’s because of the already mentioned cause, so my question is how do i get to use in cygwin a stable version? when i download the lynux version from the stable tab in the main page i get a filesystem that cygwin can’t use and frankly i know squat about lynux, so to set things short, can somebody please tell me how to play a stable 7.1 version on cygwin without installing lynux? thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to play the “stable” version just download it from the main page and play it by opening the .exe included in the download, no need for Cygwin at all.

Yeah but the thing is i play it in Cygwin by choice since it looks beautifull and not crappy as **** like in the windows version thus my predicament :slight_smile:

The source repo on github has a 0.7.1 tag. I forget how to get git to change to a tag but I’m sure you can google it.

OMG i totally missed that -- i feel dumb as **** ok thanks for the info i’ll try it out, should work now, too bad i have to begin anew --


So, which commands i’ll must to enter in command line of Cygwin, to get stable release 0.7.1? I’m totally noob in git, and searching on google not helped me too much.

If you’re set up to build, just grab, unzip and build.

I think there’s a cygwin build guide somewhere on the forums.