Can't compile cataclysm

Ok so i use Cygwin to play cataclysm and so far i never had this kind of issue, when i pull the git it downloads just fine, but when i try to make the compilation it throws me some error at the end and it doesn’t compile properly here’s a screenie [URL=][/URL] this one is in the middle of the compiling and this one is at the end of it [URL=][/URL] any help would be appreciated since i can’t play it on windows since it looks horrible, if you can get me a compiled version which i could get to cygwin that would be great :slight_smile:

The first errors are nothing to worry about, we know that they are there.

As for why it’s not compiling, have you downloaded libiconv when setting up Cygwin? (Not libiconv2, which is automatically downloaded with the GNU stuff.) Gettext was added recently to the game and libiconv2 doesn’t have it for some reason, so you need to download the first one as well.

You sir are a GENIE :slight_smile: thanks for fixing my stuff now i can finally play in a sexy terminal :slight_smile: