Getting good volume

Is it possible to be a sort of survival based character without having to raid towns to try and find a back pack or something?

Up your tailoring skill by making foot/hand wraps and disassembling them, then get to the level that you can make a duffel bag and enjoy your ridiculous storage amounts.

I don’t see a duffel bag in the crafting menu,so wouldn’t I have to learn the recipe from a book in a libary?

You should automatically learn it once you have a high enough level. Some recipes will just show up once you have the appropriate level. According to the .json the duffel is one of them (at least in stable)

Yes, you have to be tailoring level 2 before you auto-learn the duffel bag recipe.

Hrm,well I’m trying to be a survival in the woods guy because my “rush into town and get a lot of fat loot” stratagy ends up with me running from a zombie hoard and getting killed,so this time I’m trying to avoid towns as much as possible.

Well, for quick and easy starting carrying capacity, there’s always a pair of makeshift slings. A bit of encumbrance, but at least it holds more than a pocket.

I ended up finding a bunch of dead soldiers with decent-ish clothes which double as armor and I found a back pack,that made me end up switching back to my previous stratagy of rushing into town and getting a lot of loot,being one with nature is for wimps anyway…

Make sure to fit all of your clothes. I like taking the tailor profession and leveling up tailoring after the fact.

That’s because throwing an untrained character into the middle of a zombie horde usually doesn’t go well for the character. What you need to do is find some houses farther out on the edge of the city (away from shops, which are usually in/near the center). Lure a few zombies over and take them out, then repeat till you have a semi-cleared area. Then go raid some houses.

I tend to run into a hoard after I get a bit of armor and stuff.

Though on this run I finally found a welder and managed to get a car working,after which I ditched it in favor of a bike because people like leaving wrecked cars on the road.

Turn off hordes…

You can also watch the location of hordes on your map, wait for them to move away from your target, then head in. check the map every now and then so you can tell if they are coming back, if so, run back to base!

They are not litterally hordes,it’s just I tend to get 10-20 zombies following me.

poor choice of words,my mistake.

Ahh, in that case, low encumbrance, kiting, and the knifespear are your friends! I can usually kill several zombies at once without taking more than a few hits that way, as long as I keep my movement speed above 95ish. You can make all the equipment you need for this in the starting shelter pretty much.
Then, kill them as you encounter them, don’t let them build up. The more dangerous specials should still be avoided if possible though.