How to level tailoring 6-7?

I’ve searched probably 20 bookstores, libraries, and clothing stores and I still can’t find a clothing designer’s portfolio. Anyone know a good way to grind tailoring from 6-7?

Make clothes of difficulty 5 or 6. Kit all your friends out in survivor gear, including firesuits, winter suits, and wetsuits.

I dont have friends lol. But you can still level from 6-7 by crafting level 5 gear?

Find a bus, dismantle all the seats to get hundreats of leatcher patches, and build your own factory of leather dusters.

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As mentioned above, just get a ton of leather and keep crafting leather armor or leather duster (or something else with skill requirement of level 5 or 6).

You can cut the resulting products back into leather, too, drastically reducing the amount of leather required to lvl up.

XP applies for if the difficulty * 1.25 is less than your current skill. So difficulty 4 items apply for skill 5, difficulty 5 for skill 6, difficulty 7 for skill 8, and difficulty 8 items through skill 10.

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Ohhhh, now it makes sense. I always thought that’s it’s based on level only, but few times leveled over what I’ve expected. Dismissed it as just me no paying attention to skill level vs craft level.

At low level, you don’t get any skill from making things lower than the level you are, but at some point (4ish?) that changes, and you can get skill (though slower) at the level below your current skill.

Also, typically, I grind 6-7 with nomex, if I can (have to have the recipe) - the hood, in particular, is fast and doesn’t use too much stuff.