German Shepherd

Hello There!

I have started new game after a somewhat big break. I chose K9 character and started with a German shepherd as a pet. I have a dog whistle on me. But the dog seems to never attack any zombies even if get hit by them. I used a whistle few times and whenever it says “the German shepherd is ready to attack” nothing happens in terms of dog’s behaviour.

What am I doing wrong?

Is he injured? It definitely used to work in the past, but I haven’t messed with dogs since my last CDDA binge like six months ago, when I briefly tried it out only to have him kill himself by running back and forth over metal wreckage. Something may have broken since the days when you could send a couple of dogs to tear up a zombie.

I tried few different starts now, neither of them had a dog that attacks enemies. Injured or not, with bag or not - nothing seems to work.

Anyone knows what’s happening?