no repeaters for power transfer please.
repeaters run off electricity and amplify signals, not electricity. if you try to amplify electricity, you’ll just end up with less net electricity (albeit maybe at the correct voltage) due to losses.

what you’d do to prevent voltage drop (but not the power losses) is to have a transformer at the end of the line, right before your appliances.

besides this, i cannot comment on the system, as i do not know the codebase that well.

I only skilled MormonPartyBoat’s post, but I saw key phrases like ‘flag for recalculation’ and something about 'things only charge in the reality bubble.

We’re not just optimizing for runtime efficiency, though that’s necessary. Most of the ways of doing this will require a substantial amount of code that interacts with other very complex parts of the game. It’s absolutely doable, but from my position the costs are greater than the benefits.

Why not just have a power source, (i know little of coding) and have some form of invisible building or furniture you cant move or interact with called wires. Every square its in is powered, like a bubble with a max range of so many squares from a power source. Say 20. A generator or battery etc. Than a flag system of powered or not when an item is in the square.

Because that doesn’t make it any less complicated. It’s not conceptually complicated, it’s the code that’ll be a pain. I’m not saying it won’t happen, it’s just not on my roadmap right now.

Isn’t there anyway to simply do some of this as vehicles that don’t move (for the generator)? Then just have all artificial walls/structures considered wired. Wires networks receive an ID#. Complex code to manage that splitting and combining is the hardest part of this I see. Adjacent generators and attached vehicles would register on the network. Networks would be active if they had any active drains or sources that were time sensitive. (aka generator vs batteries) I wouldn’t really want to get into the whole AC vs DC thing.
I feel like I’m blathering… Maybe this is worthless…