Gee wilikers batman (Comic suggestion)

Well we all know how the kids these days love them comics.
So new idea.
One that makes sense.

On chance of death child zombies should have a chance to drop COMICS.
Simple books, have little to low int. requirement (As if that still matters) and give you a small boost in morale.
So now slaughtering those kids isn’t quite as dull.
Also can be found in gas stations? (Most likely not)

Sound legit to me and it could, maby, sometimes, not much increase your skills in melee ect.

This sounds exactly like Fallout New Vegas now. Personally, I think a temporary increase in skills is stupid, so maybe magazines could be purely or partially entertainment, with a tiny amount going to skills depending on what type of comic it is. That might give players a better reason to hang onto them.

And I’m always looking for more fire-starting material

I know this sounds stupidly overcomplicated, but I almost like the idea of characters developing tastes.

Like, if you start out early game reading a lot of comics for entertainment, because that’s what you have, then your character will start to get more enjoyment out of comics, and less out of unrelated stuff. A good sci-fi novel will still perk you up, but romance? Pff. Boring. Or maybe you’re really into all these technical manuals you found, and now anything that doesn’t have a real-world application you just find kind of stupid. Could be a nice drawback to spamming skill books, losing interest in other forms of entertainment.

Just an idea.

That’s planned.