Gas Syphoning

There’s been a lot of talk about littering the roads with abandoned and/or wrecked vehicles. I think it’d be great if you could use a rubber hose and a fluid container of your choice to syphon gas from these wrecks. This would work well with the recent changes to gas pumps, and could even be used in conjunction with an increase in the breakdown rate of gas pumps to make syphoning gas your primary means of obtaining fuel.

I don’t think gas pumps should break down more often, (think it should be that the gas station itself actually runs out of fuel, then the only fuel left is what’s in the pump lines themselves, so you might be able to get a bit more out, otherwise…

But syphoning would be nice. Rubber hose droprates need to be increased though, I hardly ever (read, never) find them in hardware stores.

I agree, but why not have both? Either the reservoir runs dry and you’re left with what’s left in the pump hose, or the pump breaks and you have to manually syphon from the reservoir.

Though you do bring up a good issue. The pumps should be adjusted to all run from the same source, so if one goes dry, all of the pumps at that station will be out as well.