Petrol station expansion

Here is Australia we have goods locked up outside stations such has firewood, large water containers and gas. Any other ideas for stations welcomed in this thread.

Most gas stations I’ve seen usually have an air pump, though I’m not sure this would be much use in Cataclysm since you can’t get flat tires.

I’ve also seen ice machines, though without power everything would have melted by the time you get to one.

Most stations where i am (Florida, USA) have a convenience store + car wash built into the side of the store. air pumps and vacuums (for vacuuming dirt out of your car) are also extremely common.

EDIT: Also vending machines is pretty common out-side, and depending on year that apocalypse happened, about 10+ years ago every station had payphones (less and less now do), or if it’s based on present day tech, many gas stations i see have new stuff like redboxes and all out-side. but i doubt pay phones or red boxes would have much relevance in Cata, vending machines may be useful though :)… IE Bash vending machine to pieces and recover some soda/beverages and coins!!, some vending machines may drop snack/junk food instead like potato chips, etc.

vending machines sound good not only food and drinks, but electronics and scrap metal.

Beside air compressors, water hoses to refill radiators are common in gas station as well, could be a source of water. Also maybe gas station can have variant with a fast food outlet sticking to the side.

Truck stop variant, 2x2 with more pumps, larger inside area with showers, laundromat, restaurant.

A fenced & locked up area with propane tanks is common at many places (can’t keep the propane inside). Ice Machines, sure. Don’t see many vending machines outside stations in urban areas in the NE though, nor inside really. Maybe at the big truck stops on the highway, for sure, though. Trash cans for sure … game sorely needs more trash cans. lol

About 1/8th the gas stations here have a small mechanic workshop in addition to the convenience store.