Game telling you if sound affects hoards

Well, i just think it would be a nice feature if any sound you make or are made would possibly affect hoards in certain ways like if you make a minute sound it wouldn’t say anything unless a hoard was way too close. therefore game telling you if you should gtfo when you ring the church bells

Well i am not sure… uh how should you character know? He can only asume and so can you.

“You are making way too much sound x2"
Or if you sense hordes
"You hear moaning far away”


basically generic warnings based on sound, and perhaphs a 1 point trait, Cautious where you will be more likely to be prompted by making alot of noice and such, also it would prompt you before opening doors that could have enemys behind them, like “you sense an evil presense” for schizophrenic people, and “You get the feeling that (opening/moving) there would be a bad idea, want to continue?” for minefields and other dark world dangers.

I am still of the opinion that this is something that the player should realise.

Instead of /breakes glass *you made lots of noise <— no shit sherlock

An adjusted message when you hear or make sound over some threshold would be reasonable.
I do have some plans for you spotting a horde from further away than you can normally see them.

Precognition, no.

So no spider senses for the mutants? D:

I prefer the old fashioned way: a horde of yellow '?'s just outside your vision converging on your location.

I originally had the Red Dots Of DOOM as a bad feeling. Whether that’s an improvement is up to you.

There was a mechanic to detect horde presence on the map screen, but most of it was kept gated in the debug menu. Not sure what’s happened with that.