Game keeps crashing seemingly randomly in Fun Cavern

Windows 8.1 (where all my problems stem from)

I’m not asking for help here because the game hasn’t broken and I can still get out, but it does keep crashing every few turns until I can get out.

I’m in a spiral cavern and trying to go back through the spiral to get out and the game keeps crashing on me. Figured I’d report it so it can be known.

Using NPCs?

NPC’s are on yes

Edit: I have the save game if that helps

I’m pretty sure that caverns + npcs are a bad idea for now, sadly. But maybe I am wrong.

I got that problem twice, and the only way I found was to just delete it. But maybe a Dev can help you.

I did find a way out if it happens to you again. I found that you can save every couple steps and you typically make it out, if it keeps crashing in a specific place walk backwards then forwards then try again. Worked for me.

If you can upload the save somewhere (compress it - it usually compresses well), we may be able to find what causes the error.

Meanwhile you can save your character by binding the debug key (’?’->‘1’ for keybindings) and then using long range teleport to place yourself somewhere safe.