Game crash when player gets killed/severe damaged

Build is 0.9-4834-g594489d
Curses, on Win 7 64bit

Spring, Day 3,
what I thought killing a specific zombie did is an issue with my char,
whenever I get really hurt, be it mines or a zombiemob while I just stand there or fight back,
my game crashes to desktop without any further information.
This did not happen with my first char in a different world,
or the days before.

Okay, when some giant wasp killed me this did not happen, I just died.
I think it only applies for specific enemies, I mean a solo Zombie and not Zombies in general, since 3 of those were involved in my last death

I searched a zombie that cause the game to crash when he hit me with another char, nothing happened. This i really weird.
Unfortunatly my bugchar is dead now.

I can confirm that this happens, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps we should try putting down a saved game that causes this crash.

Probably related to the stats/the carried/worn stuff of a character?
Sounds like you had this issue multiple times

Yeah the past couple of builds for the Windows Graphical version I also been having random CTD’s normally involved while fighting but a couple times when I was not fighting and just walking around looking for loot.

This is probably the 4th time it’s happened to me since yesterday but this time it happened to be when I got out of my humvee to kill one of those scientist zombies around the Scientist corpses. Figured I would shoot at it with a double barrel loaded with beanbags to try and stun it to finish it off with a trench knife I had but after say 6 shots and the zombie hitting me once after the 4th upon reload when I thought I was far away enough to get away with reloading again.

Either way it happened after the last shot and when I went to move back to reload again it seemed it CTD without the zombie hitting me, kind of wish I kept the log this time to check it out and keep notes and compare but did not think about it.

At first thought maybe NPC’s were fixed since I never checked till earlier but seemed I crashed more often with them on so I turned them off but still manage to get these random CTD’s without any sort of error.

Last time I played was probably a month or two ago but it worked fine then but of course new problems arise, guess from now I will keep the logs and compare if it reoccurs to try to find and re-enact the solution. Think maybe I should turn on autosaves but try it again one more time to see what happens, sucks though because I lose everything and this time it happened before Spring, day 1 was even over during mid-evening.

All I know I was wearing army pants, a duffel bag, combat boots, drop leg pouches I think, T-shirt, and an undershirt. Probably had a few more things on but do not remember but if it is clothes related or so on might make sense since I was pretty much wearing military gear to the brim on the other characters I’ve had when it happened.

Random crash bugs are some of the most difficult to diagnose, and are virtually impossible to do so without more information. If anyone wants to upload a reliably crashing save that would be a huge help in eliminating problems like this. Elsewise about the only things we can do is hope we stumble over the problem randomly. :confused:

This was on the Windows Graphical version that was uploaded today.

Happened to CTD on mid evening spring day 5 when just exploring down a stretch of road. Unfortunately my last save was on early Spring day 3 upon loading after it crashed and log not showing anything out of the norm. Went from there and played up to Spring day 6 with no problems so seems pretty random. Seemed to happen every time when I would be holding down a movement key for a period of time without letting up on it. 

Never really get to see what happens in-game on the text display right before it does it either so makes it hard to compare anything whether it's that or this or something else like you said. Going to turn on autosaves next time I play it and set it for every minute and hopefully can get it to reoccur within a save file with a short amount of time along with me trying to keep track of where I am at on the map when it occurs and so on.

Will post again if I can get it to do what I want it to if not hopefully someone else finds the problem haha.

NPCs on or off?

Off, I stopped playing with them on forever ago due to issues that I noticed still occur so this has been happening with NPC’s off, not as frequent but usually within an hour or two.

Have also had 3 random crashes to desktop using a 1-2 day old tiles version with the waldo32 tileset. Game crashed randomly during the first day while running away from a batch of zombies. In all 3 games zombie surround was turned on. Crash usually happened shortly after fighting off the surround or while heading towards a forest to escape, possibly crashing when getting near the initial pre-revealed map boundaries. Not much useful debug information here im afraid. Autosaves were turned on i thought but reloading the last save just resulted in starting at the very beginning in the shelter. Have successfully had one multiple-day long game with tileset support off, but that may have been using a different build. Will go back to do more testing with the most recent build.

Checked the logg.txt after the crash but it didnt contain anything meaningful, just a bunch of “look_around: calling handle_input()” and “calling get_input() for Examine where?” Nothing that indicated it was the cause of the crash, and nothing that seemed to be a log of the last few events. Just thought id put my two cents in, wish it was more valuable info. *NPCs off.

Until now everything is fine with my new char.
NPCs off btw