0.G crashes on NPC death

Was about to ask where the crash logs are at but I think just going for the actual problem makes more sense: about 20% of the time the death of the NPC causes the game to crash with no errors or any real indication of the doom to come. Game is lightly modded by built-in mods and a small custom one that simply appends foldable heli rotors with some minor related additions.

My initial guess was that the magiclysm’s flaming fist’s been acting weirdly with oneshot greatsword build (this item applies burning status on hit) and the theory seemed to work when barefisted bandit fort massacre went with no stability problems.

However, the crashes were back and much worse as soon as the HUB 01 employees started dying (the facility was next on the list). At the moment, I’m standing in the room full of heavily wounded guards and allowing any time to pass (waiting a single turn) will instantly crash the game.

I’ve seen the achievements bug (definitely not the case) and the config dir contains no crash.log, so I can’t even attempt to edit the save or something.

Alright, I did some debug rampaging and here are the results:

  • the crash is completely random - the first ncp i killed instacrashed the game but when i’ve loaded the save to confirm it, took another 20 or so victims to cause failure
  • the problem is not related to the death of the npc itself, killing the man by setting head/torso to HP 0 does nothing even if they have the “Hit By Player” effect (so can be used to get around the crash) - it’s only when the player performs an actual hit does the bug care (important note: the critical death in my actual game occurs by bleeding out)
  • the final frame before crash always looks like this (see the image); is it just a standard hit gfx or they aren’t expected to be naked as feedback?

I’m also attaching the stripped savefile (only built-in mods are active) with somewhat consistent crash setup - just hit the hostile right above and 75% of the time it will do the thing, otherwise scum and repeat:

I had something possibly related and I got a crashlog. In my case I started in a dangerous area with starting NPC out of sight and the game crashed before I managed to get a look at it, but it quite possibly was dying as well. Crash log also refers to NPC taking some actions with items in its inventory, perhaps NPCs dying while performing some action is what causes it?

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Interesting. Hm, thinking about it, the only real difference between my only successful npc fight and this mess I find myself in now, is that all the npcs present are bleeding. They always do actually if I’m using my main combat build, since greatsword just hacks their limbs off with the first hit and shortly after they are covered in arterial blood.
Can it be that the action of putting pressure on the wound causes some loop or stuff, considering the message log is literaly filled with “[Name] tries to put pressure on the wound but the lack of both arms makes it harder.”

Nope, not the case. Just debug killed everybody bleeding, gave myself a heavy sledge and attempted to kill the remains. This was the last frame before crash:

Today I came across a similar freeze. The death of an NPC reliably freezes the game.

edit: It’s the NPC with the jabberwocky quest. I talked to him and got his quest before he died. This time, the game didn’t crash. It seems that it’s the NPC’s ghost that crashes the game. When you get their quest, you put the ghost to rest. :laughing: