Game Balance (simple changes to help balance the game)

I’ve heard a couple of times from the forums about how this or that item/enemy etc. is unbalanced and with how big Cataclysm is, unbalanced features are inevitable, so I’m creating this thread to put it all into one place.

The basic premise of this is to point out unbalanced features in the JSONs so people can easily go in and tweak things where needed. You may suggest simple changes to the actual code, but don’t expect them to be carried out unless you’ve got a very good reason why it should be changed. You may not suggest items for removal. If you want to do so, create your own thread.

Basic format will be lie this:

[ul][li]Name of what you suggest should be changed
[li]Reason why it needs to be changed
[li]How it’s stats should be buffed/nerfed
[li]Any flags that need to be added or removed
[li]Changes to where it spawns
[li]Changes to its spawn rate

The first two are mandatory, the others are only included as needed.