Gaint bugs should be attracted to light

Bugs thend to be attracted to things like lamps and other bright sources of light in the dark. For us this might be a annoyence to have so many bugs attracted to your sources of light but in the cataclysm it could be rather dangerous if the bugs where the size of dogs.

It could be an interesting mechanic where having a non-conseled source of light in the darkness could attracte gaint insects. Meaning that things like sleeping next to a open lit campfire or using a flashlight in the dark could be much more dangerous and you might need to take measures to onseale a light source.

SOME species are attracted to light, while some shun it. Roaches, for instance, tend to try to hide when revealed.

Monsters reacting to light in any way aside from vision works be great. Let’s get a light averse flag and keep those C.H.U.D.S. underground where they belong. And I like the idea of caution with light being as important as caution with sounds. Imagine if some things actually only came out when it was dark. Then they scuttle into a shadow when day comes. that would almost be like life.