Furnaces within buildings

I came across an apartment tower with a network of furnaces and water heaters in the basement. I came back with coal and tried a matchbook to start a fire going and evidently my matches produce nuclear fusion since it instantly turned the coal into wood ash.

There were some water heaters nearby, as well. Is any of this usable yet or decoration?

I am wondering, since so far my attempts have all failed, is it worth creating a basement residence, or does it not matter? I mainly just want a low-profile den to go into, especially near cities.

You can find clean water you can drink in the water heaters but you can’t put it in containers for whatever bloody reason. Basements can be really nice for making sure stuff stays at a steady temperature mainly.

I second this question on whether furnaces and water heaters are just decoration, or can they be used in some way.

The apartment complex has very little to do with the furnaces in basements, it’s part of a mod.

The basement furnace can be used as a safe fireplace, I believe. The water heater stores water (I have no idea why you’re having troubles getting it out, that’s weird, I wonder if it’s a JSON thing or a code issue). Other than that, they both have some pretty useful salvage if taken apart.

I’m confused are water heaters part of a mod or do you meant apartments? Either way I agree with having water heaters become useful. What if you could repair the pipe network of a place, fill that water heater with water, and gain hot water for your base? With hot water, one could implement it to cooking, attach a washer to it to clean a load of dirty clothes, and even finally take a shower to clean yourself as well earn a hot shower morale buff.

I’d imagine implementing something like piping might be difficult, but I wouldn’t mind being able to “mark” a territory to allow more in-depth development. At the very least, being able to have a generator and some lights will be a boon for me.


In any case the pipping could be a simple code that is storede within the tile, so you would construct pipe lines under a title or over, and it would simply inject a “pipe line” code into the tile

So ? Basically we could pump a crap ton of mutagen or poisonous shit on the local water source to poison all your enemies ? YES WE NEED PLUMBING!!

boatmurdered is back baby! All we need now are elephants and pottery

Being able to heat buildings in general would be nice. Hot water heaters and showers for cleaning would also be nice.