Funniest bug you remember

I instantly lost my sh*t when I read this in the logs, completely caught me off-guard:
Fix deafness protecting from hostile NPCs

Robber: "Stop right there, hombre. Fork over your…"

Even more funnily I had this mental image, like a short film playing in my head, shot POV-style through the eyes of the player as he walks past an armed guy pointing a gun at the player. The player scans the landscape with his eyes and he occasionally and casually glances at the robber. The robber’s mouth keeps moving as he maintains a menacing face, of which the viewer gets only brief glimpses. The only audio is the sound of the player’s calm breathing, and even that could be replaced with smooth and beautiful classical music. The robber aligns his facing perfectly to the player as he walks past, but other than that he stands still the entire time. The camera angle is shifted to film the situation far from the outside. The robber’s mouth keeps flapping even when the player has walked several hundred meters past the robber, far away into the distance.

Overall it’s like a tediously slow scene from Breaking Bad, or Better Call Saul, much in the same style. Although this feels like a commercial of some sort.

I can’t single out the funniest one, so I’ll list a bunch:

Looking at buckets would spill contents of their imaginary copy used to calculate inventory volume.

Firing a mounted weapon in bad weather would damage your none.

Human flesh was herbivore-friendly