Fun with Spraycan Flamethrowers

Recently, i’ve been fortunate to find the component for such a device, and aside from wrecking ALL the shit, what should i do with it?
How should i best use it?
And how have you guys used your’s in the past

Channel enemies into chokepoints and incinerate them.

Or use it for corpse disposal. Zeds never seem to get back up if they’ve been downed and burned over, so pile them up in a 3x3 area and then give the pile a spritzing with your flamethrower.

Why not just butcher them? It trains survival which means easy CBMs a little bit down the line

Unless you’re making zombie pheremones (requires cooking skill) it’s easier to burn them. After you get survival to 3 there’s really no point except butchering shockers :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, but how should you deal with the ambient heat damage?

Piles the bodies first and then incinerate them and walk away?

…i was more talking about using the spaycan flamethrower as a weapon than a tool.

Use it in ant colonies to burn and generate smoke. You both blind and burn them its the perfect weapon, just bring a fire extinguisher and a gas mask in case it starts hurting you.

And I think it works wonders with triffids also.

(Not sure if the triffid hideout walls are flammable)

Slime pits are very flammable. Just be careful not to suffocate yourself.

…holy hell they are

ikr? First time in a slime pit, I ended up using a few shots of flamethrower for some crowd control, and shortly thereafter realized the whole place was going up in flames. I expected the slime to deter the fire, not accelerate it.

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:9, topic:2863”]And I think it works wonders with triffids also.

(Not sure if the triffid hideout walls are flammable)[/quote]

Triffids, etc cook quick. The walls are flammable but fireproof: they’ll eventually burn out and remain standing. If you don’t have tear gas, flamer/extinguisher/J-Hammer/spare gasoline is the next best thing.

Oh, and…

or unless you’ve got high enough Cooking to make mutagen/purifier. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: