Fuel expiry dates

kind of self explanatory, fuel goes bad when not taken proper care of IRL. I feel like gasoline should expire like juice if its not properly taken care to add some more realism.
This could help further balance out “death-bus” vehicle use in the game, as well as buff electric/bio-diesel power source viability.

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I believe it is more or less on the TODO list for the project.

Gasoline and all fuels are caustic, meaning they are perservatives for themselves. (Of course their not safe to drink however) So fuel can’t go bad like juice because of something like bacteria, however it can gel from being cold, which permanately can ruin a vehicle’s tank.

But you usually shouldn’t be worrying about this stuff especially since the freezing range of gasoline is a lot better than diesel, otherwise everyone would have to change their tank every winter to non-freezing solution.

It also hurts than the tanks of larger diesel tanks are made from metal too, which cunducts the cold easily to help “congeal” the diesel.

(Fuel can’t go bad in it’s normal containers more or less, as if it was outside of the tank, you wouldn’t be able to pick it up anyways)

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Gasoline by itself last about 3-6 months, with stabilizers up to 2 years. Diesel month tops without stabilizers.

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Necrosian is correct as far as gasoline is concerned (I’m less knowledgeable about diesel) and long term storage requires stabilizers of some form.

I do think having fuel with an expiration date would add an interesting dynamic to vehicle gameplay and long term sustainability.

I have a generator in my house, I have stored diesel for over 3 months and the generator has no problem. It does accumulates a black fungus like deposit at the bottom but nothing a filter cant solve. I think the oldest Diesel I have used is 6 months old, it worked normally. I dont use any stabilizers.

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is your generator airtight with seals? what is the average temperature there?
cause either you’re very lucky or your place is more “stable”. cause scientists says that that its generally not a good idea to keep your gas stored in the “things” its supposed to run on (like cars), but rather you should keep it in their containers

Well, aren’t most people just gonna burn through their fuel anyways? Like I’ve never personally played a hardcore deathmobile but I know that it’s not uncommon to keep a death mobile running 24/7

The problem isn’t the fuel going bad once it’s added to your car. The problem is the fuel going bad when it’s sitting in all the other cars waiting for you to siphon it out and put it in your car which means a year or so into the cataclysm and none of the fuel that you can scavenge from cars will be worth using.

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So this is a matter of fun vs realism, right?

Would it really be fun to have all fuel become obsolete after a year, forcing us to make biodiesel?


yes, because having a deathmachine with unlimited fuel makes you overpowered and the entire overworld very easy.


I’d say if people want it make it an optional mod like bionic slots


In my opinion, problems with fuel are connected with the lore of Cataclysm. There is too much fuel EVERYWHERE but it is realistic.

I agree with Rot. Forcing us to make biodiesel would not be fun at all, but it would be realistic. On the other hand, players are able to use rideable horses. What is more, horses are capable of pulling vehicles. Consequently, forcing players to make biodiesel is not a thing.

I agree with Dissociativity. An overpowered deathmobile is boring. It seems like a thing from Rage, State of Decay or Carmageddon. Very arcade.

I like the idea of fuel expiry dates due to the fact that we are able to use horses as engines. The clock is ticking. You have a year to prepare for a disaster. You can try to cope with biodiesel production if you love your old deathmobile. You can tame a horse and try to survive without an overpowered deathmobile. The choice is yours

I’m not so sure about y’alls numbers. I just picked up a car (I restore muscle cars) that hadn’t been refueled in over two years. No additives added to the tank. It started up after 3 seconds of cranking, but the exhaust was smokey as all hell.

What I’m getting at is that while the fuel will indeed begin to go bad, it’s nowhere near as fast as some of you are making it out to be. Especially newer blends of fuels (I’m not sure if there is any difference between EU petrol blends and American to be fair though)

One thing to add though, ethanol blends do go bad rather easily. Higher the ethanol percentage, faster it goes gummy.

there are alot of things in the game that are not fun but realistic, like mining taking forever and mechanics requires a lot of time, though so that doesn’t seem necessarily a concern

People who find overpowered deathmobiles boring always have the option to not make one. Why should the people who love making their deathmobiles miss out on their fun?

because temptation is a powerful thing. plus if you don’t like the fuel expiry thing you can always disable it in the code. this is open source after all.

It wouldn’t be such an issue if making workable quatities of bio diesel wasn’t so obnoxious, 8 hours to make 20 litres. That’s not counting the 3 hours needed to make the methanol to go with it. :unamused:

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Why don’t you code it then and add it to the PR’s?

Or more likely make a mod for it too