Fuel expiry dates

its much easier to remove code then actually do the mathematics to come up with one. I still don’t exactly know how expiration works.

Well it’s easier to just code it yourself than tell everyone else to do it…

20L is nothing to sneeze at IMO.
But take heart, NPC crafting and stuff is being worked on, so you may be able to set some NPC companions to produce biodiesel for you.

I didn’t count the butchering time either, you need 320 chunks of fat or 160 tallow for 20litres. I wouldn’t mind if you could make it in proper bulk, cooking up in a 200L tank or something but as it is it will take the best part of a week to fill even a single 60L tank.

Preprocessing fat into animal cooking oil seems to be the most efficient solution, giving you the required oil for 20L of biodiesel from 80 chunks of fat in 4 hours and 8 minutes. A lightly modded RV can run for almost a week on 20L.

Now if you’ve got a massive 50 ton deathmobile you may be hurting if this change were to happen, but whether it does or not, it should be possible soon to set up a base camp that makes biodiesel for you in huge quantities.

Having a base camp kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile base, I personally haven’t run a massive death mobile for quite a while but I still think you’ll end up spending far too much time just sat around one way or another.
I also don’t think you should be shoehorned into dealing with NPCs, I’ve had runs with NPCs and while it can be fun, micromanaging them can very quickly become frustrating. While I’m grateful for the work put into make NPCs less suicidally insane, they will never have the survivablity and utility of a player controlled character.

Have you tested bio diesel btw? IIRC it is less effective then diesel.

While i agree about meatshields NPC need work, but once you get proper deathmobile there is little that can stop it.

And nothing about this will change that, it will just be more tedious to deal with.