Fuel Cells for Cdda?

I remember talking about these in my PoE class. I mostly forgot how they work, they just need water and a fuel cell. It would be a new fuel for vehicles but it is not very effective in extreme temperatures and it generates a lot of heat. There would be different types of fuel cells like the pemfc one. Im not very knowledgeable on the topic though.

Tl;dr consumes some fuel (not water), produces electricity.
Soneone more knowledgeable might know better, but I dont think these would be practical due to the beed to supply the fuel.

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There’s a lot of different fuel cells. Given that CDDA already appears to have isolated micro reactor technology I don’t think they would see widespread use.

Well they’re around and being worked on today but they’re not too efficient. I would imagine we would discover fuel cells before safe, efficient nuclear power in cars but I could be wrong. They’re is also solar panels which are very inefficient but they were still being used over nuclear technology.