From the Site Admin: Greetings, Russian language users!

How goes things in the Russian language subforum?

Just figured I’d stop by and say hello. And hopefully have someone give me some clue of what the responses are, heh.

And now some questions!

What can I do to make your enjoyment of the site and forum better?
Are you happy with your moderation levels and actions?
Are you like totally psyched about there actually being a Russian language compatible version of the game now? (I am pretty psyched)

Would much appreciate someone translating this post and the title.

Sorry for being such a shameless person, GlyphGryph, but I decided to post the translation here :slight_smile: . aiwant2tc
Перевод поста для русскоговорящих:
От администратора сайта: Приветствую, русскоговорящие пользователи!

Как идут дела на русскоязычном подфоруме ?

Вот решил зайти и сказать “привет”. Ну и надеюсь, что кто-нибудь ответит и даст понять, как меня встретили.

А сейчас пару вопросов!

Что я могу сделать, что б вы больше наслаждались сайтом и форумом?
Довольны ли вы уровнями и методами модерации?
Вы сильно взволнованы (восхищены) тем, что теперь есть совместимая с русским версия игры ? (я довольно взволнован)

Буду очень благодарен, если кто-то переведёт это сообщение и название.

серьезно говорю, удаляй

  1. idk
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From my “moderator” point of view things are going not bad here :slight_smile: .
We’ve got some people that work on the translation, so that’s going well too.

The questions :slight_smile: .
1)JDdeen just said your avatar looks cool, and he wants to have the same one, but it’s occupied :slight_smile: . But you can’t do anything about it :slight_smile: .
I’d be cool, if the russian site is finally fully translated. I’ve sent the template on the Translaters board :slight_smile: . Cause it’s prety messed at the moment, bacause of the naming policy changed so many times.
Though, no one asked about, be if SMF can handle it, maybe a russian lang-pack would be cool. But, oh, well, no one asked for it :slight_smile: .
2)It seems like we don’t have trolls or flame wars or anything, it’s pretty calm, so not much to moderate here :slight_smile: .
3)And yeah, let’s say I’m happy about the i17n support :slight_smile: ,for I’m a calm person, nothin can psych me :smiley: . Some people say they’ll play the EV, some people the Russian version. I personally’d like to translate it, cause my friend wants to play it, but is bad at English. At the same time some people are excited about utunells version with graphics, for the same reason (friends or even more that are bad at ASCII :slight_smile: )

So, that’s my response…

Hello GlyphGryph!

As you can see, the russian language subforum contains contains far more posts and topics than another language subforums. In fact, a lot of Russian love Cataclysm… but this subforum was established recently, and many people continue to use habitual sites.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your job, Cataclysm is really cool! And it gets better and better with your help


Forgot to mention. It’d be cool to have a russian wiki cause the game has russian words already and it’s harder to find something oO.