(fresh) (frozen) food instantly inedible

I froze a bunch of newly gathered blackberries, they’re split in 3 stacks (2 in one freezer 1 in a second) and one of those stacks behaves as expected, I take out any amount of berries, they’re still frozen and fresh and if heated they become (fresh) (hot).

Now the other 2 stacks, if I take out any amount of berries, the next turn they’re no longer frozen nor fresh and their shelf life drops down from 2 days to 19 hours.
Before this I froze ~10 fish sandwiches and after a few days of being frozen and still looking (fresh) in the freezer, they instantly turn rotten when taken out.

Stack size doesn’t seem to matter, my stack of 36 and 290 blackberries are bugged like this whilst my stack of 210 is not. One freezer has both bugged and ‘working’ berries.

Playing on latest experimental but noticed this some days ago.