Food rotting when removed from fridge

I’m having an issue where sometimes food that’s in a fridge, marked as cold, and says it has something around a day before going bad, rots literally instantly when I take it out of the fridge. Either on the tick I take it out or if I spend a second taking a single step away from my fridge.

I guess that’s the same problem as @Segertas mentioned in an other forum post:

The same bug was also mentioned a few months back, at the end of January:

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I’m afraid I don’t know the formal bug reporting process, do I need to go file a github issue or something?

That is the best way to get your bug seen by all the various people who might fix it.
It also helps if you you can attach a save file wherein you can reliably reproduce the bug, like “open save; go to vehicle’s fridge; remove haggis; it instantly spoils.”

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I got this bug (in git 00efc6d7fe). The food in question (sandwich) was marked as 1h before going bad, and instantly went bad after heating it up with hotplate.

Hot food spoils much, much faster than “normal” or cold temperated food.
By heating it on a hotplate, you’ve accelerated the rotting process enough that it just turned bad.

Please also note that the 1 hour is a guess your character mades, not actual time left.