Cooked fruit?

I did a quick search already, only to find no real topics on this subject.
Whenever I gen a new character, first thing I do is load up on perishable goods. Everything tinted blue. I had a whole bunch of fruit, and I decided to cook it to make “Cooked fruit”.
So now I ask, how long does cooked fruit last? I put it in jars. Is there any way to seal the jars? How can I preserve perishable food better?

You’d need the Vacuum sealer to seal those jars, There are recipes for it aswell as other methods you may learn from books / as your cooking skill raises.

I think you might also be able to find a dehydrator. Sadly, a lot of fruit simply must be eaten fast, early game. I don’t think cooked fruit lasts an awful lot longer than fresh fruit, but it does have the advantage of being a hot meal. An apple spoils in 6.67 days. Search for other foods using the item browser to look how quickly something spoils. (Warning, spoilers).

Also don’t forget to open the debug mode and keep it open checking on how they’re rotting in real time :F

Wow, no. Raspberry and blackberry outlast strawberry and blueberry? Lies. At least when they arrive at our stores, it’s the reverse. Blackberries seem to spoil fastest due to their bullshit nook-filled design. Apples are about right though.

Sadly, the ‘things’ that arrive at stores have, nowadays, so little to do with real nature, that it’s totally not a good idea to base your judgments on that.

All the fruits and vegetables that come to the stores are at least treated with some sort of chemical for preservation and they react differently to that chemicals.

I can tell you for sure that an untreated apple, kept in a warm place, will start to spoil much faster than 6,67 days (i just happen to live in a place where we do have natural apples, still).

Feel free to send in a PR if you are bothered by it. Also check any recipies that are made out of the fruits, they might have different spoil times. (Not sure)

I will need to learn how to make a PR then! It’s so minor, though. Haha, all the same, you make a good point. Thanks.