Free skills bug

I’ve noticed that if you load up a template, then switch it’s scenario it resets your traits, profession and stats, but not your skills.
For some reason the skills stay at the same level they were at before the switch and they no longer use up the points that they did before switching the scenario, effectively giving you free skills.

Y’know, there’s a setting in the options governing chargen points and -vantage caps. You can turn it up to 1,000.

If you want to skill up, that’s the way to do it.

Thanks for reporting, though breaking the game only lets you keep the pieces.

Yeah I know you can change the starting skillpoints, or use the debug menu to max out your skills, this is just a bit of a glitch that I accidentally stumbled upon.
(oh and I didn’t mean to suggest this as a way of getting extra skill points, it’s actually kind of a problem if you want to make some changes to your template without accidentally cheating, which is what I was doing)

Yeah, thats definitely a bug that should be fixed since it’s reseting other things but not that.