Character Skill Point Abuse

When you make a character that has skills and you then go back to switch scenario to Evacuee everything gets reset except skills, which you can then undo to regain the points which you can then put into stats.

You can do crazy shit like this.

I didn’t test the other scenarios if they retain skillpoints as well or not.

Everyone already knows this and it really isn’t abuse since you can manually set the distributed stat points in the game options.

That said the fact that it isn’t properly resetting is a bug, is this in the latest experimental version?

Err… People don’t play with +10 stats? :smiley:

Yeah, this should’ve been fixed a few days ago.

And the only way it’s abuse is if you’ve already cranked the stat/-vantage points and still feel that you need more. Frankly, 1,000 points doesn’t quite stretch far enough to buy every good thing in chargen.

But if someone isn’t content with 20s in all stats, every advantage, a high-powered profession, and at least rank 5 in all skills…well, I think xe needs some other game, because xe done broke this one.