Found a (lit) joint

I found a lit joint in a dispenser (building) that does not do normal joint things and has not burnt out despite a full day passing.

The dispensary has joint_lit in it’s loot. I’m not sure why they chose to use the lit version of a joint, but that’s why it spawned.

EDIT: I deleted a bunch of stuff because I’m not sure and I don’t want to look like an idiot when someone tells me I’m wrong.

Based on my testing, though, the joint never went out, even after many days. My guess is that it will stay lit indefinitely. Unfortunately, you don’t appear to be able to smoke/use the lit version of the joint.

Well can you smoke it forever then? Because if so you’ll never have problems sleeping or dealing with being sad you kicked a zombie child in the head.

Coming this summer, Cheech and Chong in Quest for the Everlasting Joint.


What do you think I meant when I said it doesn’t do normal joint things. But it is nice to have a portable infinite light source if a very crappy one. Made a fix for the issue. This will not get rid of the already existing joint_lit items.

certain actions apply multiple tags I think it’s kinda like how a flashlight that you find on will never go off but turning it on makes it active and depletes the battery probably the same thing here

I could share some “plant fiber [active]” in exchange for that joint :smiley: Sadly it got used up in crafting.
At least with a joint I can imagine it. Not really sure what kind of “activity” plant fiber might be doing.

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This is not an issue, it’s a gift!

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Can’t trust those triffids. They’re everywhere.