Fortifying against portal storms

I like that portal storms are dangerous now even if you are indoors, but I’d like to figure out how to build a safe space so I can sleep and craft. Early on it seemed like if I just drew the curtains I was ok; then the krecks started smashing in anyway. So I boarded up the windows, and krecks smashed them open too. And now something (not sure what) seems to be able to smash through full walls. Is there any way to fortify a base to survive late game storms?

Honestly that sounds different from what portal storms summon.

Check your surroundings. If there is a portal nearby you may want to actually choose a different base because more and more monsters will spill forth.
I heard of artifacts being able to close tears in reality but those are rare and hard to get.

And if all else fails, move underground.

So this was an issue but I have recently removed the kreck spawn from portal storms. This should mark the end of portal storm enemies being able to smell and break your fort.