Fortifications: Pillboxes, Moats, Electrified Fences, Etc

What all this is really making me want is (as always better faction camps and then) sieges where wandering hordes attack your base. I’ve been hankering for it since we started talking about it in discord… One of the nice things about cdda versus a lot of similar games is that if we actually could besiege you with zombies, the game has enough resource demands that you might actually be in trouble in terms of food after a while.

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Zombie sieges, bandit attacks, a platoon of Mi-go slavers with lasers, these are all things I’d LOVE to see in game. Something to challenge an end game player, and another reason to build a base with well equipped followers: safety.

I’ve got (45) 9mm turrets and an army of 80+ hacked Wraitheon military robots sitting in storage, I would love having an excuse to deploy them.

This adds periodic raids. But it needs translating. I told Poragon about it, they might be incorporating it into a mod.

I can’t read japanese hieroglyphics unfortunately.

I can’t either, but google chrome will give me a rough translation. It’s really handy for translating a mod or fishing for content in the japanese forums.

Here’s what that github link says: Kinda ominous:
※ ※ ※ Frozen for reexamination of current operation policy · · · ※ ※ ※ Cataclysm: DDA’s Japanese MOD (released mainly on anonymous bulletin board) is consolidated · Maintenance

Oh man, periodic raids would ROCK. I hope Poragon makes it into an individual mod. I could unleash my glorious war robots on whatever poor sap is silly enough to attack my fortified bunker.

:laughing: very much me when seeing japanese words for first time.

Well, we were talking about a special-built zombie fighting pillbox, so I figured you’d have the bars grounded.

I’ve actually found that a rebar cage works well as a pillbox window too. I may not even bother upgrading to full concrete. It lets you have a pretty strong wall that you can also shoot through, and rebar is easy to get. I’m just jackhammering up the road near my bunker, soon to be known as “fort kickass”.


It just occurred to me(again, as I forgot), that an addition to NPC improvements would be “Line of Fire Exclusion”.

In short. If someone the NPC is friendly with is in the line of fire, not to shoot. I remember dying when my 2 companions shot through me while I was driving a vehicle. The funny thing was. The guy on the left shot through towards the right and vice versa. At the same time. I laughed…then I cried…and laughed again as the vehicle careened into a military vehicle gas storage in the rear. Exploding in a massive fire ball.


So much this! We need it! Ranged NPC’s are a nightmare to manage in groups bc the rear ranks will constantly fire through the front ranks, and me. Lets dream big, how about the abilty to group up NPC’s into formations. And one of the perks would be that the back ranks can fire through the front without damage.

Do you really have enough NPCs packed together that they need to form multiple rows? If they can just form into a line that would do the vast majority of what you need, right?

I think what he means is, he would want something like the Royal British Red Coat Army :wink:

Just kidding!

No. Pretty sure if the future will allow more intricate NPCs. Having a full scale Walking Dead tale of two cities war isn’t out of the question. Far off? Of course. But to assume that little mechanic of adding a percent score to friendly folks up ahead maybe a topic to discuss.

If friendly toon is in line of fire =

  1. do not fire(most simple approach until line is clear)
  2. fire, but do not aim directly at friend(which then rolls to see if accidental shooting occurs); to clarify this. The shot maybe over a shoulder or under an arm or something risky but life or death necessary.

Not altogether useful at present. But it could be useful for many tactical outings. Close Quarter Combat. If the reality bubble ever gets much bigger, sniper friends helping out. Heck even as is with the bubble can we use the “hey arse hole! stop shooting your leader!!! OUCH!”

lol :laughing:

If they could just not fire when a friendly was in the way, that would be amazing. Actively seeking a clear line of fire would be a game changer. The formation thing was more for tactics such as forming squads with a couple tanky guys with melee weapons guarding a group of ranged NPCs. That’s waaay out there.
And yes, I’ve had upwards of 30 NPC followers at one time. I only stopped at 30 bc it was too tedious to control them all, but now we have group commands(just guard and follow for now). I want to bring my own horde to the fight, but right now they’re just as dangerous to each other as they are to the zombies.