Flower farming

A couple suggestions:

[ul][li]I would like to be able to collect seeds or cuttings and grow flowers. There are a number of plants that are useful for various things - it would be good to be able to make a sustainable supply.[/li]
[li]I think there should be a new tool property - “fine digging” - which the trowel (but not shovels &c.) has, and which represents suitability for digging up plants by the roots. This would be very useful for plants that can regrow from the roots, like most weeds - and it would mean that you could make some of the monstrous vegetation do the same.[/li]
[li]Speaking of which, dandelions should spread like mad and be almost impossible to eradicate. The PSU page on the common dandelion is the most comprehensive information page I’ve found so far - basically, dandelions should sprout in the spring and go to seed in the spring and fall (and sometimes summer), should spread quite aggressively on dirt and grass, and should generally come back from being harvested unless they are completely dug up.[/li][/ul]

Being able to replant flowers (and trees) with cuttings, also trees and flowers spreading and flowers dieing in the winter and reappearing in the spring is something i want too.

Thing is, it needs some work to code. I tried to tackle trees replanting a while back, but i lost my drive initially and i got not much time lately. I still wanna do that when and if i’m able.

Also, MormonPartyboat might be tackling some of this too.

I’ll have to check that out - thanks!