Fix expense of materials for sewing and something other (0.6Dev)

1.Expense of rags and leather for repairing and reinforcing should only happen in the event of a successful repair or reinforcement.
In other words (rags || leather)!=thread
2.Add ability to board up taped windows
2.1.Deconstruct and smash taped like not-taped
3. Spilled fuel should burn, but not explode. It may well burst only if the container (more gasoline, the higher explosion)

  1. I argued for rags, etc to only be needed for reinforcement/fix critically damaged clothing (e.g. “Tattered” fabric). Wanted to be able to replace damaged Chitin too but that didn’t happen, for whatever reason.

  2. No opinion.
    2.1) Uh, getting all the tape off isn’t trivial and it likely would be unusable afterward. Opopose.
    2.2) We should be able to spraypaint windows opaque as well.

  3. Support.

  1. Material cost for more than 1 level of repair or reinforcement sounds good to me.

  2. Agree

2.1) Recovering the tape, of course not, recovering the glass, maybe? I’m not sure how taped windows smash, as I’ve never done that.

2.2) Spray painting windows opaque, good idea.

2.1) eg… If you smash not taped window on ground fall: 2x sheet, heavy stick and something else. If smash taped window nobody falls. Maybe it’s right?