Fire's only lasting one turn

I have a fireplace with some charcoal, a two by four, and alcohol in it, but it goes out one turn after lighting it (consuming one of the alcohol charges each time)

Normally a fire should last several turns, if I was burning charcoal or the two by four alone. It seems it’s not transferring to the other alcohol charges or any of the other materials.

You’re… You’re trying to set a liquid on fire (By game definition). This game isn’t the hardcore survival game you’re thinking and trying to make it into.

DDA!alcohol burns really hot really fast. It’s probably not lasting long enough to ignite the wood, etc. Use a smaller piece of wood as kindling/tinder.

@ FunsizeNinja123
you’re missing the point. it’s not just alcohol there.
I can accept that the alcohol would go out quickly (though normally it’d burn through it all quickly, think of gas spilled on the ground and lit on fire) but it’s preventing any of the other objects which SHOULD burn (wood, charcoal) from lighting at all

@ KA101
wouldn’t the charcoal count? most people find charcoal doused with lighter fluid easy to light

Game logic, can’t argue with it.

it’s not the logic I have a problem with (in particular this seems like it was meant to be a fix for a possible exploit of burning alcohol) it’s the order that it’s lighting materials that’s a problem.

If they want to let alcohol burn fast and not light other alcohol that’s fine, but but move it to the bottom of the priority list so it burns last and doesn’t block the ability to use the fire at all. Now I have to go see if I can find a mop somewhere just so I can boil water with materials I could light just fine by moving them one tile to the left (albeit I’d probably light my evac shelter on fire)

OK, I just tested in latest dev.

Out on the street, one charcoal, one 2x4, and 7 whiskey burned HOT and for well over 100 minutes. (I know because I had enough time to build a stone fireplace (40 min.), light the same fire in it, and wait two halves of an hour afterward.) The fireplace fire stayed Small, rather than Raging as the open fire did, but I think an hour with no sign of damage to the wood & coal is enough to get some use out of the fire.

Sorry, xpyder.

ok, I’ll download the latest build and try again.

I wonder if it’s burning based on the order you put in the materials, I put the alcohol down first.

Also I think it was cheap wine that was there (dumped the jug in the fireplace figuring that was better than just wasting it) but I can’t check since that character got ambushed by a moose who for whatever reason decided to climb inside a house through a broken window and past bookcases just to find my character who was sitting there reading with no visibility outside and weak scent. Catalogic indeed. :-/

wine is not flammable, it’s a stretch for even normal-proof liquor.

Which is why it shouldn’t be lighting at all. Thow a log and a piece of scrap metal in and light it and see which one the game tries to burn.

There’s a problem with the way it’s trying to burn some alcohol and it unnecessarily and illogically blocks you from burning valid materials.

Unless you put the items in a pool of what is essentially spoiled grape juice…