Fireplace: as firewood long burns

the longer you use him - the more often it is necessary to fill him. if right after construction of a fireplace to load a log into it - the log will long burn.

now the log burns down in 5 hours.
I live in scientific laboratory already more than one season.

is it a BUG or it is a Feature?

Do you mean that the log’s burn time is highest with a newly built fireplace, and gets shorter after using it for a while? Because that sounds like a bug to me.

I have decided to do some researches.
I have found out that just the opposite - air temperature when calculating time of burning by mathematical model of burning of fire in a game - is not considered… (!!!).

and what has been made:
I have constructed one more fireplace at 0 level (Earth’s surface level)-7 (Celsius) - about 1.5 hours the board (i mean 2by4) is burned.
ok I have gone down on -1 level of laboratory. -20C. I build a fireplace there. 1.5 hour of burning.
I have gone down on one more (-2) level. there-40C. the board has burned down in 1.5 hours.
(how is that!?!?)

and nevertheless, 5 hours of burning on a log - aren’t enough as it seems to me.
on the other hand - and what length these “logs” on which the cut-down tree trunk is cut?
there can be just different concepts of a log at me and at game creators?
perhaps I with the “bubble of reality” left far from fireplace (and fire fades and ceases “to count the time of burning” when is out of “a reality bubble” of the player.) - I didn’t focus attention.

A log weighs 20 lbs and takes up 10 L, so it isn’t very big. Something like a 6" or 15 cm diameter cylinder, about 18" or 50 cm long, if I did the math right.

It’s a large piece of wood to use as a melee weapon, but overnight campfires usually require more than 20 lbs of wood.

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I burn wood as a primary heat source during winter. The average burn time of a firewood log is 1 hour. You get 4 sections out of a log, so assuming the log would burn at the same rate, it’d be 4 hours. In reality, the same 4 hour log will burn up in about an hour and 45 minutes. This is especially true of soft woods. Hardwoods will burn longer, but require more oxidizer to keep it burning or they’ll sputter out and smolder with out burning. (which is useful if you’re trying to make charcoal).