Fire being more useful

Fire doesn’t last any time at all, it burns out after some short number of turns.

1 (5-6 tiles of log) tree can burn my outside water heating and hot water powered indoor heating.

And this thing has blowers and water injectors and shit for max burnage.

Burning 5-6 trees everyday to keep warm is rather idiotic for any kind of wood or furnace.

Without having slightest clue how its done now:

Breaking fire down to intensity (material being burned) and amount of fuel (how much is being burned, per material weight) could work. Log would be non-intensive but have huge supply of fuel due weight. Just reduce the weight of log periodically until is gone - so “fire” entity would feed on the weight of the stuff it burns down, the material dictates how intensive fire is aka. how much weight is consumed per cycle on fire.

How fast and intense something burns depends on the item burning. Gasoline makes for a short intense burn. Logs would be longer, but generally require something else to start them (aka tinder). I feel this is mainly a refinement of the current system. Also think we should be able to construct chimneys out of rocks and something else (clay, mortar, cement). Most likely found in a hardware store, though clay is findable near a river… which are death on a stick with the current flyers near them.

One should also be able to dig water holes, but that is another thing.

But it really just needs to last longer, I don’t mind the flashpoint consuming all the logs and making a lasting fire.

But when it takes 20 logs and gives me 1 hour of burn I get pissed.