Fireplace explosion

ok so something that confused me i built a fire place in a underground i admitily spawned a bunch of log around 100 just for some long term full placed them in the fire place (outside what did not fit) when i used a lighter to well light it suddenly it exploded in a short burst of flame. i was fine but still

Do you mean Rapidly consumed all of the fuel provided to the fire
Do you mean Literally detonated, sending fragments of spiky wood into your head neck and chest, giving you horrific splinters?

first one i took little damage just a flash of fire that took a number of tiles for a split second

I have the same thing when I burn a bunch of stuff at the same time
like a stack of boards and cloths
I assumed it was a feature meant to prevent us from just stacking a bunch of items to make a long lasting fire

I tried to replicate this several times but could not, the fire functions normally for me.

As for not creating a super long-lasting fire, well, after setting fire to 100+ logs, the fire says it will burn for 3 seasons. I didn’t even know you could set them up to burn that long.