Best way to manage fire in a wood stove?

So I’ve tried multiple logs, a single log, 2x4 planks, and heavy sticks, but regardless the wood stove in LMOE burns out super fast without consuming all of the fuel (log > burnt log > badly burnt log). I normally have to light it 3 times to finish cooking something (deluxe scrambled eggs for example). It says 1 log should last 36 minutes, maybe less, and then it goes out in maybe 10 minutes tops. Sorry it’s a stupid question but I never had this problem with a brazier in Refugee center and similar questions are old and normally about fuel efficiency.

I’ve never had a problem with the wood stove not lasting, but then again I never used logs. I always chopped the logs up into 2x4s and dumped all the planks on a “firewood source” construction nearby. Seemed to last long enough for any of what I needed to do, and I do know that 2x4s go through their stages in a wood stove at the very least.

It might be possible that some fire containing things burn some things differently but I haven’t tested that out yet.

You used to be able to shove a ton of fuel on and you could have a fire that burned all day, now it’s a real struggle to have it last 10 minutes. It’s rather frustrating. I have noticed a single fuel item works better most of the time because it appears to burn everything simultaneously now and I think it’s whenever something is consumed it puts the fire out.