Fire good

how exactly does fire longevity work? just dropped 100 logs on a wood stove and lit with matchbook, it barely lasted a couple hours; same with 100 paper wrappers, also seems everything burns on the first or second turn after lighting regardless of how many items are there

According to source code:

else if (it->made_of("paper")) { //paper items feed the fire moderatly. destroyed = it->burn(cur->getFieldDensity() * 3); consumed++; if (cur->getFieldDensity() == 1) { cur->setFieldAge(cur->getFieldAge() - vol * 10); //lower age is a longer lasting fire }

Damn. It’s hard to describe a little, so, check source code if you need to know:

na that makes sense, thats how i thought it worked too, but this does not match my experimental results… from the one or two times i tried… ill try again later

EDIT: that is to say, in a wood stove, one item seems to burn just as long as 100