Which Fire source burns the longest?

So I always wondered which fuel to use to make a fire last the longest. Anything other than wood?

Also does it make any difference if I cut up the long sticks/logs etc into their smaller parts such as heavy sticks& Two by Fours?

Would be interesting to know if anyone has any data on this.


Just did some preliminary testing. Vanilla world, no mods.

I set up four braziers, each with one item in them. I used a 2x4, long stick, heavy stick, and log. Unfortunately I forgot to actually time the exact length for which they burned. All I can offer you is what burned longest.

They were lit in this order - Log, 2x4, heavy stick, long stick, all within a turn or four.

The heavy stick burned out first. Then, about 40 minutes later, the 2x4 burned out. Then, about 90 minutes after the 2x4, the long stick burned out. And then, of course , the log burned longer than my patience allowed for.

So, that’s the best I can give you after only 5 minutes of testing or so. They actually burned out in the order of their volume, smallest first, largest last, and that would be my guess for what determines the length of time it takes to burn. Splintered wood, for instance, is a small volume and burns out very rapidly.

EDIT: As for breaking down items being better than burning the whole item. For Long sticks, at least, it seems that 2 heavy sticks (what you get from butchering a long stick) burn slightly longer (marginal, really, only a minute or three) than the long stick.


Thank you for your answer.
It really helped me a lot.

Yeah, the burning code was reworked a year or so back and now fire eats up burnable stuff and converts its mass into fuel, bumping up the counter for how long the fire will go based on the amount energy it can take out of the thing being burnt. So yeah, toss a couple logs on the fire, it’ll pretty much go all night.