Possible bug: layers of clothes gets damages by inverted order. Again

0.C -10944-g254035
Windows 7

There was bug then layeers of clothes gets damage by inverted order. I correclty remebmer that it was fixed.
But I have reasons to suspect that bug was returned. My character’s underpants for some reason gets a lot of damage. I suspect that it is more than it shoud be considering that I wear pants. So I recommend to double check that bug.

I am really considering to reinforce my character’s underpants.

I do as a matter of course. I also try to reinforce any ‘permanent’ items in his inventory. So at the least I can quickly identify what I keep on me for emergencies from what I loot or am taking for topical reasons.

afa clothing and damage. clothing has ‘coverage’ and can be bypassed. Its possible that this happened, but Im not saying anything with confidence. I do know that items can rearrange themselves on ocassion. dusters, for instance, will rearrange themselves on occassion.

Is is depends on cloth dondition? I mean does damaged clothes can be easily bypassed?

No, as far as I know the only thing damage/fortifying does to a weapon or armor is to increase or decrease its protection/damage rating.

I wish that torn clothing could be less warm or something.

All non-sturdy (it’s a flag, not related to reinforcement) items have a 0.5% chance to be damaged by a hit that targets a given body part. This happens even if the hit itself was blocked earlier. This check is repeated for all physical damage types, so skeletons (which have cutting) will rip stuff twice as fast as zombies that only punch.

Hmm, why damage clothing if we parried/blocked the attack?

Block/parry is currently a percentage reduction.