Yeah, firecrackers. I saved up a few hundred and I was gonna go stealth and light one, throw it across the street to sneak around the zeds. But you can only throw it a rather short distance, so it ended up alerting a few brutes and shockers to my position, which was more of an annoyance than anything, but I did take a few hits and my jersey got ripped. Has anyone managed to find a practical use for firecrackers?
And on another note, does throwing affect how far you can throw things?

Position yourself at the edge of a building near the horde, where you can throw it out where you want them to go, then immediately disappear around the back of the building before being seen.

I think the range is short because firecrackers are so danged tiny; there’s no good way to throw something that small for very far.

Okay, cool. Hopefully that comes in handy at one point. I appreciate it Rivet :wink: