Final outpost missions repeat, limit construction

Any quest at the end of the quest-line repeats on completion, trapping the Outpost construction at that stage.
For example, the greenhouse mission repeats, the foreman keeps asking for glass, yet the green house is never built.
There is only an semi completed structure built in previous missions.
Other outpost personal do the same, making one wonder what they would build on completion.

Experimental used has tileset and is about a weak old.
O.C-22078-gd6bd8ee5ba (?)

Did some Json digging.
The missions links to itself and at the start seems to update the outpost based on that.
(in the missiondef. json you can find the mission [“MISSION_RANCH_FOREMAN_17”] and it has a part called [ “start”: “ranch_construct_16”]
Tried creating a new mission (…_18) and adding in a [ “start”: “ranch_construct_17”] to that.
Game crashes, but works if you remove the “start”.
I think that indicates that either the name is different or the final greenhouse construct doesn’t exist yet? :frowning:
I cant find the actual listing of construct data tho.