Female archaeologist getting a "lara croft" set

[ul]at least for me,the 2 most famous fictional archaeologists are indiana jones and lara croft (which are luckily a male and a female).As i already checked its possible to make,but i’m too lazy to do it.So we could give the female archaeologist a set than would be like this
[li]sports bra and boy shorts[/li][/list]
[list][li]socks and boots[/li][/list]
[list][li]2 glock 22(not sure if her pistol is a 22) and 2 holsters[/li][/list]
[list][li]grappling hook[/li][/list]

off topic:discovering how to use the ball-thingies on the list were a pain[/ul]

Lara Crofts Pistols differ from game to game.
In the original series the model of the guns were apparently modelled after a Browning Hi-Power, although the inventory model is >apparently< a Colt M1911.

In Angel of darkness Lara apparently has quite a few different models for her dual pistols, 6 in total. Those models are as following:
HK USP Match .45 ; Colt 1911 using 9mm ammo ; Glock 17 ; Desert Eagle Mark VII ; Luger P08 and a customized Browning High Power. Not all of those models were included into the game though, if I’m reading correctly.

The Legend Timeline has several other Handguns as well:
2 Colt 1911 which chamber .357 (Tomb Raider Anniversary)
2 HK USP Match Pistols, chamber 9mm (Tomb Raider: Legend)
2 customized HK USP Match pistols, chamber 9mm with Desert Eagle style safety and a Beretta ejection port (Tomb Raider: Underworld)

The Survivor Timeline has different pistols as well, who would have thought…
A Beretta 92SB, chamber 9mm (Tomb Raider 2013)
A Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced, chamber .45 acp (Tomb Raider 2013)
A Desert Eagle Mark XIX, chambered .50 AE (Tomb Raider 2013)

Rise of the Tomb Raider also features 4 pistols and a revolver, can’t find the type of pistols though - just that there are 3 Semi-Automatic pistols and a heavy pistol…


That said, She seems to prefer HK USP Match Pistols and Colt 1911. We do have Both a .45 and a 9mm USP ingame, so one could use those, if they really plan to make a preset.

Could we please not call this profession “archaeologist”? Perhaps “treasure hunter”?

Would be appropiate to make a Nathan Drake themed from Uncharted set for a male in the treasure hunter then :P. They are kinda in the same business!