Fell asleep due to skitz and continued to read

First things first! Version: cataclysmdda-0.B-2481 (703d730) (SDL) OS: Windows 8.1

I was about to read Mechanical Mastery and as soon as I started my guy decided it was a good time to sleep due to schizophrenia. It lagged a little then said it was to bright to sleep and my log was filled with his progress through the book and his unlocking of recipes. It leveled him up to mechanics level 5, nearly spent the lamp, and he got a good nights rest. Anyway, this is my first time reporting a bug so hope I got everything displayed correctly. I would’ve of taken a screenshot but its in full-screen and windows doesn’t like taking pictures of things that are full-screen.

Apparently the second personality didn’t want to sleep.

Nice catch though, everything’s here to my knowledge. Don’t think a screen-shot is needed.

Schizophrenia != DID/multiplicity.

But yeah, I’d be curious whether the sleep continued through the reading or happened post-wakeup. Thanks for the report.

It’s one of those hilarious Dwarf Fortress style bugs.

Sleep with one eye open ~
Gripping your pillow tight…

[quote=“Rivet, post:5, topic:8240”]Sleep with one eye open ~
Gripping your pillow tight…[/quote]

That was OK on the S&M album. Haven’t tried it on the original.