Features in 0.5 : move_view_offset is buggy

Anyway, didn’t poke the defaults much but enjoyed the idea of saving time by means of looking around the scenery, looking for useful spawns. This option generally made me happy, as it is a good idea to have a clue not only what’s ahead, but also in other directions. Would be nice to do it in hops of five, maybe ten… But what happened?
I made the offset option value “3” and resumed play, only to find it did not work. After a restart, I noticed every time a press a key after x (default binding) I have an offset from the player character 3 squares to the right. I changed it to a bigger value, but the nudge to the side was the same. I deleted save files (entire folder) and got a new game going - only to try that no matter what this value is, looking around remains the same, one square at a time.
It would be really nice if we could look around a bit quicker, say, to cover the field of view in one direction by four or five keys pressed.