Feature Suggestions & Possible Bug Report

There are plenty of features that Cataclysm could draw from other roguelikes (Caves of Qud [free non-steam version] and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup [free]), such as:

  • Pressing a key followed by a directional key (Caves of Qud) - character will move in that direction until they either run into an obstacle or an enemy comes within few squares. This feature is much needed due to laggy overland travel with artificial difficulty of holding a key down and a random zombear getting multiple hits before a player can even react to the danger.

  • Excluding tiles or promting the player whenever they step into an excluded tile (such as turret doors etc, seen in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

  • Inscribing items to avoid accidental interactions (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

PS! I think the latest patches might have broken the game. For some reason it automatically assigns a’s and b’s to my gear and I need to manually remove bindings in order to be able to assign ‘a’ to a flashlight etc.

  1. don’t disable safe mode if you’re still dying to this, adjust the turns to re-enable instead.

the game normally assigns inventory items a letter as available, explicitly set one yourself for an item you need often.

Good idea, doesn’t work. If there are any hostiles within character’s view, one cannot move without taking safe mode off.

Edit: Noticed the option for Safe Mode Proximity, trying it out and seeing whether it produces the expected results.

I am aware of that and normally, when you assign letters to your inventory it overwrites all other keybindings, but thats not the case in my case.

Edit: Disabled Auto binding of inventory items in options. Everything is good now.

i see what you mean on the second one now, yeah.