Favorite bad traits


Illiterate. Because forcing people to read Time Magazine at gunpoint is how I get my jollies.


trigger happy for rp reasons. i mean if you were 16 in a apocalypses and found an fully loaded thompson theres no way you wouldnt spray n pray everywere


It looks like Trigger Happy isn’t working in this build. I just shot about 300 rounds on single fire with automatic weapons and didn’t get a Trigger Happy burst once :frowning:


Heh, good joke.
I was way too cautious when I was 16. No freakin way would I do that. It’s a potential waste of ammo and I’ve only ever shot a gun once, also when I 16.


Trigger happy just feels like me in general. The raw love of full auto regardless of whether it suits the context.


I also treat it as a logical thing to take for civilian characters who have never fired a fully automatic weapon.


The gun I shot wasn’t a full auto, but I suspect I might use a few too many bullets by accident due to me being so unfimilar. Not for fun, which the trigger happy trait suggests, although it very well might be. Personally, I’m far more concerned about minimal ammo useage than entertainment.
I terms of me using a bow IRL, I feel like I suck, due to me being a nub and all, but apparently on the two different occasions I shot a bow with two different instructors they both said I was strangely good for a beginner. Perhaps someday, I may be so good at archery that I can be my Ranger character setup IRL.


I basically always take lactose intolerant and heavy sleeper. Two traits I think I have in real life. Pretty sure milk hates me.

I dunno. Just sorta like knowing my character is always some vague shade of myself.

They’re not particularly ‘bad’ traits, though.


Yes, because not waking up until a zombie is biting your toes and vomiting a bunch definitely isn’t bad…


You say that but all I heard was ‘Your character must be well rested and really thin’. o_o


Mid-lategame those things almost never happen and if they do your very well prepared for it. Plus, if a zombie is biting your toes off, you probably didn’t pick a good sleeping spot.


I dunno, Even an empty small town with two thick spike pits around all the windows, all boarded up I still get zombies climbing in my window. Always gotta be ready for zombies in your sleep unless you got steel bars on everything.


I exclusively sleep underground in a brick room inside of a tent.


As far as min-maxing goes, trigger happy is generally a free point since there are a lot of ways to never have to use an automatic weapon. Addictive personality is another thing where you can avoid its trigger. Animal discord isn’t that much of a drawback since I find there are rarely times when it seems to tip things aginst me. Same with Truth Teller, since I find lies to be a good way to go nowhere. Squeamish is the same way. I actually find heavy sleeper to be a benefit since I like to sleep on the second floor of buildings (not so much for the z-axis, since I like turning it on) since if I get ambushed there, sleeping through getting ripped apart is probably a bonus.

Hoarder I sometimes take since I find that I am a hoarder so I don’t have to worry about it as much. If its really a concern, you can just go without wearing any packs so you got a volume of 2.70 or something.

As far as for legit play, I do like Albino since it adds some character. Sometimes topofraphagnosia, combined with Forgetful, Savant, and Truth-teller I combine for a Mr. Bean build, where I bumble around doing mundane things, unaware of the apocalypse.


Free Points are just having points shifted around and playing a toon that would be a normal person. The toon I play is not far from a totally normal person in real life and I wouldn’t want a over powered person when I like playing through what I feel I could actually do.

I’m like a MacGuyver in real life. Every male in my family is. The flip side, is that we don’t happen to be able to progress to far with intellectual pursuits. Not dumb. More like, having only so much realestate in our cranium lol…here think about this:

Intellect/Intelligence = just about anything you can learn from a book.
Wisdom/Street Smart = knowing how to use what intelligence you have.

Understand that difference and that is a big deal. Most people never figure this out or even if they do. They never put it into words before. The more you ponder this. It can make subtle changes in your life too.

Although I figured it out on my own early on. I picked up the idea again as a teen when discovering all the original and 2nd editions of D&D.

MacGuyver people are strong with Wisdom. Hence knowing how to and figuring out things intuitively as is quickly. There are many people who have crap information dumped onto them from birth that prevent them from thinking in this manner. But…meh, better for me :man_shrugging: